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What Bristol parents have said about their school:

"I just wanted to say that he is so proud of his uniform and is very proud and totally enthusiastic about attending BFS"

"He has a big smile on his face at the end of every day and insists on doing his homework straight away"

"I am so happy, she has settled in extremely well, loves the lessons and has made some great friends, I couldn't be happier"

"We're extremely pleased with the School. The progress made by our son in this time has been brilliant and I recommend this school to any prospective parent!"

BFS Student

What Bristol students have said about their school:

"The school is amazing because all the teachers are nice and you can run around at break and lunch"

"It's really good. You can't get lost because everything is close"

"The food is good and we can choose what to eat"

"The school seems small but all of the teaching and classrooms are big"

"We get to do music and design technology, we didn't at primary school"

"The tutor groups are good, we meet every day and the tutors help us with any problems we've got"

"It's bigger, better and more fun"

"Nice teachers, they're always smiling, work is hard but fair"

"The after school clubs are new and exciting, we made prints in art club"

"Teachers give us a huge amount of time. They are always willing to help and support us."

"It’s calm and quiet. There isn’t that sense of chaos you get in some places. People get on with things, they do what they are supposed to be doing."

"The computers and smart boards are amazing"

"You're never the odd one out"